Body Treatments Orlando

Body treatments are like a facial for your whole body: they cleanse, exfoliate, and hydrate your skin. They can also have a detoxifying effect on your entire system. Why should your face get all the attention? It’s just as important to cleanse, hydrate and stimulate your body’s skin with a wide variety of body treatments.


Salt Glow – Body Treatment

A salt glow, also known as a salt scrub or sea salt scrub, is the most popular body treatment at the spa. A salt glow exfoliates and hydrates your skin, leaving it soft and fragrant.


AHA – Alpha Hydroxy Acids Body Treatment

Would you like to improve the firmness and tone of your skin? Would you like your skin to glow with youth and vitality? Alpha Hydroxy Acids are a key ingredient to look for in your skin care if you want to actually improve the skin, instead of just temporarily affecting the way it looks. Instead of a product that sits on top of the skin, Alpha Hydroxy Acids penetrate the skin, removing dead skin cells, revealing a fresh, new layer of skin.

Alpha Hydroxy Acids are naturally occurring acids, derived from the sugars in particular plants. They not only prevent clogged pores, they enhance cell renewal through exfoliation. They help hydrate the skin, increase collagen production, and improve its texture, making it appear more radiant. There are a range of Alpha Hydroxy Acids to choose from depending on your skin’s sensitivity level.


Body Polish

A luxurious, aromatic delight that exfoliates and softens your skin. It enriches the soul and excites the senses, leaving you feeling revitalized and renewed.